Our nation is polarized. We are gridlocked on many important issues including race relations.

The best way to resolve gridlock is to find common ground.

Common ground is the cornerstone to resolving human conflict. More than simply a compromise, it is a new area of common interest discovered through a collaborative, co-creative process, generating a vision that is often greater than any of our own.

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Editor’s Note: I have known Dr. Ming Wang for roughly 15 years. I’m very proud to call him a friend. His story is both amazing and inspirational. I have personally witnessed Dr. Wang’s efforts to bring people together to make a positive impact on our world which is greatly needed today. We recently had him on a Zoom conference call regarding Covid-19. Many thanks to Danny Tolleson owner of Turner Security for hosting the event.
I cannot think of a more touching story than giving sight to the blind–Dr. Ming Wang has done that with God’s blessing upon his hands and mind.

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