‘Sight,’—starring Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Greg Kinnear, and Terry Chen (Almost Famous, Falling) is based on the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a poor Chinese immigrant who defies all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon in the United States. Set in 1970s rural China, a young Ming faces persecution and despair at every turn; but with the support of his dedicated family and his own unwavering determination, he finds his way to America, attends Harvard and MIT, and helps develop an innovative technology that restores sight in millions. Taking on the seemingly impossible challenge of helping a blind orphan, the resilient Dr. Wang must reconcile with his own traumatic past and face the harsh reality that the strength of his own will can only go so far.

The producer for the biopic about the ubiquitous Nashville eye surgeon had hoped for $10 million in ticket sales over Memorial Day weekend

By Brad Schmit, May 29, 2024, Tennessean

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A Hollywood adaptation of Nashville eye surgeon Ming Wang's story grossed $3.5 million in its opening weekend, according to several movie industry trade organizations.

The movie "Sight" — released by independent inspirational-movie house Angel Studios — fell short of producer David Fischer's hopes for $10 million in ticket sales for its first three days out.

Story by Jenny Goldsberry, May 26, 2024, Washington Examiner

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Angel Studios’s latest film release, SIGHT, received high reviews while garnering over $1 million in its debut weekend.

SIGHT centers on the life and career of eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang, who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Wang attended Harvard and MIT and went on to treat cataract cases via LASIK surgery. He has since established the Wang Vision Institute and the charity Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration.

By Jevon Phillips, Multiplatform Editor, May 25, 2024, Los Angeles Times

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Dr. Wang (Terry Chen) and Dr. Bartnovsky (Greg Kinnear) in “Sight.” (Courtesy of Angel Studios)

When Dr. Ming Wang came to the United States in 1982 at 21 years old, he had nothing but $50 and a Chinese-to-English translation book. He had just survived the violent cultural revolution in China — including the loss of a dear friend — during which the government had shut down most of the universities in the country.

By Karen Shih, May 24, 2024, Maryland Today.

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As a teenager in China during the Cultural Revolution, Ming Wang Ph.D. ’86 faced a bleak future. The government had shut down all colleges and universities. Twenty million youths like him were being sent to rural labor camps. To try to save him from that fate, his parents pushed him to learn Chinese dance and musical instruments, hoping he could instead join a government dance troupe.

Mark your calendars for May 24th to experience SIGHT, an inspiring faith-based film based on the true story of Dr. Ming Wang. Wang escaped Communist China against all odds, becoming a world-renowned eye surgeon and using his skills to help blind orphans. Don't miss this powerful tale of resilience, faith, and compassion. SIGHT is a must-see!

By Mark Hughes, Forbes.com

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In a weekend dominated by summer franchise tentpole releases Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and The Garfield Movie, director Andrew Hyatt’s true story Sight — based on Dr. Ming Wang’s autobiography From Darkness to Sight, adapted for the screen by cowriters Hyatt, John Duigan, and Buzz McLaughlin — plays as counter-programming for adult viewers look for something down to earth at the box office.

By Rick Bentley, May 23, 2024, KGET.com

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There is no escaping the irony that in “Sight,” one of America’s most talented eye doctors, Ming Wang (Terry Chen), must get past his own emotional blindness to really be able to see the world. It is a journey that starts in his homeland of Communist China and ends with an operation on a small girl from India. The eye-opening trek is made all that more powerful by the fact the film is based on a true story.

By Glenn Kenny, May 23, 2024. The New York Times

Based on the real life of the pioneering ophthalmologist Ming Wang, this movie follows the character’s struggle to see inside himself.

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Terry Chen, left, and Greg Kinnear in “Sight,” directed by Andrew Hyatt.

Ming Wang, the real-life physician whose biography is the basis for this fictional feature, is a Nashville-based ophthalmologist whose degree in laser physics has presumably been a boon in his work restoring sight to visually impaired patients, many of whom are children.

By NANCY FLORY Published on May 23, 2024, Stream.org


A new historical drama releasing this Memorial Day weekend is based on the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, following the arc of his life as a young Chinese boy born into poverty to becoming a world-renowned eye surgeon in the U.S. Set in 1970s China as well as years later in the U.S., Sight alternates between the story of Wang growing up poor and Wang as an eye surgeon, helping the less fortunate regain their vision. It will release May 24 to theaters nationwide. 

By Owen Danoff, May 23, 2024, Screenant.com



  • Screen Rant presents a clip from Sight, which hits theaters on May 24.
  • Sight explores Dr. Ming Wang's life through multiple timelines, with Terry Chen and Ben Wang portraying his journey.
  • Ben Wang, an emerging actor, plays a significant role in Sight, offering a unique perspective on Dr. Ming Wang's remarkable life.

By Joe Bendel, May 22, 2024, Cinemadailyus.com

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China’s Cultural Revolution is having a pop-culture moment. In Netflix’s Three-Body Problem adaptation, the cruelty of the extreme Marxist movement causes a central character to literally turn against the human species. Dr. Ming Wang also witnessed the student revolutionaries’ brutality as a child during the 1970s, but in this film, he responds by embracing humanity and public service instead. Eventually, Dr. Wang became one of the world’s leading eye surgeons, but failure tests his spirit because it means disappointing his patients. Dr. Wang is particularly determined to cure a little girl who reminds him of his past in Andrew Hyatt’s Sight, which opens Friday in theaters.