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Celebrity patient Dolly Parton IMG 0354 scaledCelebrity patient Dolly Parton with Dr. Ming Wang

Who is Dr. Ming Wang?  That is probably your precise question at this very moment! Krista Martinelli, administrator, founder, and editor for was my “date” for the night.   It was a fateful Saturday night, and I was honored to have been invited to see the annual Royal Palm DanceSport  Championships  NQE and WDSF Open Palm Chapter #6016 which was organized by Krista’s father, Dave Koontz and her Stepmom (also president of the Board),  Connie Barnhart.  When we looked at our tickets and found our table, we saw a distinguished-looking man and his family sitting in what we though were “our seats”.    And, we told him, very boldly, “we think you might be at the wrong table”.  The man smiled at us, moved over gently, and we felt ridiculous as we had just put our “foot in our mouths”.  This “stranger”, unbeknownst to us, was one of the dancers.  He had a number tag on his back and was sitting with members of his family.  After this awkward and “accidental” encounter, the situation improved.  Krista and I discovered that this man was not just a brilliant ballroom dancer and an interesting conversationalist, but also a prominent laser eye surgeon.

Our nation is polarized. Some people want to completely reopen the country to save our jobs and the economy, while others do not want to reopen because a few dozen infected Americans in early March has led to 1.5 million becoming infected (and 90,000 deaths), so they worry about what would happen if we reopen with an estimated 17 million currently infected.

Most of us are staying home right now, but when we go back to work, the flood gates will open. Silent COVID-19 carriers will come out of their homes and infect potentially tens of millions of people.

When the COVID-19 outbreak reached America in early March, we as a nation found that, unfortunately, we were not sufficiently prepared.

Download this file (7 measures.pdf)7 effective measures[7 effective measures to prevent a second coronavirus outbreak]272 kB

Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center published a major textbook, “Corneal Dystrophies and Degenerations – A Molecular Genetic Approach,” with the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

drwangDr. Ming Wang’s major textbook, “Corneal Dystrophies and Degenerations – A Molecular Genetic Approach,” was published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2003. (Photo: Wang Vision Institute)

We have found unity during the COVID-19 pandemic: we as human beings are all vulnerable.

The coronavirus outbreak has revealed how critical it is for all of us to find common ground in today’s polarized world.

There has been a dramatic difference in the success of various countries in fighting this virus. In South Korea, the leaders assembled quickly, resolved their differences, implemented essential measures and effectively controlled the infection.

Download this file (CGN manifesto-Tennessean 4_12_2020.PDF)Coronavirus crisis reveals our need for common ground[Coronavirus crisis reveals our need for common ground]367 kB
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