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  • Screen Rant presents a clip from Sight, which hits theaters on May 24.
  • Sight explores Dr. Ming Wang's life through multiple timelines, with Terry Chen and Ben Wang portraying his journey.
  • Ben Wang, an emerging actor, plays a significant role in Sight, offering a unique perspective on Dr. Ming Wang's remarkable life.

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China’s Cultural Revolution is having a pop-culture moment. In Netflix’s Three-Body Problem adaptation, the cruelty of the extreme Marxist movement causes a central character to literally turn against the human species. Dr. Ming Wang also witnessed the student revolutionaries’ brutality as a child during the 1970s, but in this film, he responds by embracing humanity and public service instead. Eventually, Dr. Wang became one of the world’s leading eye surgeons, but failure tests his spirit because it means disappointing his patients. Dr. Wang is particularly determined to cure a little girl who reminds him of his past in Andrew Hyatt’s Sight, which opens Friday in theaters.

“Sight” tells the extraordinary story of Dr. Ming Wang, from the oppressions of China’s decade-long Cultural Revolution to his move to America (where he earned an MD from Harvard and a Ph.D from MIT). It then moves to his pioneering work developing eye surgery that has restored sight to millions of children. 

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In an interview with, Dr. Wang discusses what surprises him about America, why his most important patients are blind orphans, and why playing music makes him a better doctor.

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CHICAGO – One of the most reliable and relatable character actors in film is Greg Kinnear. The actor, Oscar nominated for “As Good As It Gets,” has been working steadily in film and TV ever since he made a splash on the scene with “Talk Soup.” From there he was cast in the remake of “Sabrina,” and his roles ascended from there. His latest film role is in “Sight.”


Greg Kinnear in ‘Sight’ (Photo credit: Angel Studios)

One of America’s great Eye Doctor/Scientists is Ming Wang (Terry Chen), a Chinese-American immigrant who came from nothing to become one of the world experts on curing blindness through breakthrough discoveries. When a case of a blind girl from India falls on his lap, it leads to one of this greatest sight reviving ideas, with help from his colleague Misha Bartnovsky (Greg Kinnear). In this incredible true story, Wang goes over his life in flashback, including his survival during China’s cultural uprising in the 1970s.

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Dr Ming Wang's remarkable life is the subject of the new movie, "Sight", brought to you by the same independent studio that had the surprise hit "Sound of Freedom" last year. From the production company:

SYNOPSIS: Sight—starring Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine, As Good As It Gets) and Terry Chen (Almost Famous, Falling)—is based on the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a poor Chinese American who defies all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon in the United States. Set in 1970s rural China, a young Ming faces persecution and despair at every turn; but with the support of his dedicated family and his own unwavering determination, he finds his way to America, attends Harvard and MIT, and helps develop an innovative technology that restores sight in millions. Taking on the seemingly impossible challenge of helping a blind orphan, the resilient Dr. Wang must reconcile with his own traumatic past and face the harsh reality that the strength of his own will can only go so far.



'Sight' may have captured Dr Wang's story from Vancouver's landscapes to American medical centers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The upcoming biographical drama 'Sight' hits theaters on May 24, 2024, chronicling the inspiring true story of Dr Ming Wang (Terry Chen). This film, directed by Andrew Hyatt, follows Dr Wang's remarkable transformation from a Chinese immigrant facing adversity to a celebrated eye surgeon in the United States.

But where did the cameras capture Dr Wang's emotional journey? While official details about filming locations remain undisclosed, we can delve into possibilities based on the film's narrative. The story begins with Dr Wang's upbringing in China, likely during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

 By Linda Cook, May 21, 2024,

“Sight” is the latest in a series of inspirational true stories from Angel Studios.

The films, which include “Cabrini” from earlier in the year, are about people of faith. Well-written and beautifully acted, these movies deservedly are striking a chord among faith-based audiences.

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By Sr. Hosea Rupprecht, May 21, 2024.

pauline 001Based on the amazing true story of Doctor Ming Wang, a world-renowned eye surgeon, this film celebrates the possibility of the light coming from within a person being more powerful than any light coming into them from outside.

Sight, releasing to theaters on May 24th, follows Dr. Ming Wang (Terry Chen) as he tries to help a young girl, Kajal (Mia SwamiNathan), regain her sight.

In order that she may elicit more sympathy and loosen purse strings as a beggar, Kajal’s step-mother purposely pours sulphuric acid in her eyes, blinding her. Found abandoned on the streets by Sister Marie (Fionnula Flannagan), she comes to American, where Sister Marie seeks out Dr. Wang to see if he can help the young girl.

Eager to be of service, Wang sets about analyzing her case with his close friend and co-worker, Dr. Misha Bartnovsky (Greg Kinnear). They conclude that Kajal can’t be helped, but she reminds Wang so much of a friend he lost years ago in China, that he’s determined to find some way.


When Jesus cured the blind man in John 9, all He needed was a little mud.

Dr. Ming Wang requires more.

Oh, sure, some might say that Ming is a miracle worker in his own right. But the good doctor knows that curing someone’s sight takes more than mud. It takes knowledge. It takes skill. And Ming (he might say with all due modesty) has plenty of both. You’d expect nothing less from the country’s best eye surgeon.