Story by Jenny Goldsberry, May 26, 2024, Washington Examiner

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Angel Studios’s latest film release, SIGHT, received high reviews while garnering over $1 million in its debut weekend.

SIGHT centers on the life and career of eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang, who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Wang attended Harvard and MIT and went on to treat cataract cases via LASIK surgery. He has since established the Wang Vision Institute and the charity Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration.

 The film currently has a 100% audience score, per Rotten Tomatoes. Its debut revenue ranks it 70th among films released in 2024, which is an accomplishment for the largely crowd-funded studio. The studio's best-performing film was Sound of Freedom, which was released last year and ranked sixth overall that year when it earned $250 million.

Its cast includes two Emmy-winning actors Greg Kinnear and Fionnula Flanagan. As part of the movie is set in China, a majority of the actors cast are Asian. Angel Studios Head of Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios Brandon Purdie said the film's timing is also significant.

“This is a film that is being embraced by both Chinese and American audiences, as the theme of overcoming our past is universal,” Purdie said. “We are honored to bring this film to theaters during Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, and we know that its message will resonate with audiences for years to come.”

Angel Studios has over 100,000 Guild members in 155 countries that have donated some $80 million for their various projects. These members are also entrusted with voting on film projects. It began when company VidAngel, known for filtering film and series, established a second company that became the studio in 2021.

The Chosen series, centered on the life of Jesus Christ, is also currently distributed by Angel Studios.