By Owen Danoff, May 23, 2024,



  • Screen Rant presents a clip from Sight, which hits theaters on May 24.
  • Sight explores Dr. Ming Wang's life through multiple timelines, with Terry Chen and Ben Wang portraying his journey.
  • Ben Wang, an emerging actor, plays a significant role in Sight, offering a unique perspective on Dr. Ming Wang's remarkable life.

Sight is a new movie from Angel Studios that centers on the real-life journey of one of the world’s most groundbreaking eye surgeons. Dr. Ming Wang was born in China, grew up during the seismic changes of the Cultural Revolution, and made his way to the United States only to change the lives of countless blind children around the world. Dr. Wang’s story was brought to the screen by director Andrew Hyatt, who co-wrote the movie’s script with John Duigan and Buzz McLaughlin.

Screen Rant is excited to debut a clip from Sight which sees a young Ming Wang’s work pay off. The clip features Ben Wang as Ming Wang and Ken Godmere as Professor McNesby, as Ming receives test results he’s scared to be the first to see. Ben Wang is an exciting up-and-coming actor who played a large role in American Born Chinese and will be the lead in Karate Kid 2024Take a look at the clip and see Sight when it opens in theaters on May 24.

How Sight Juggles Multiple Timelines

Although the clip above showcases Ben Wang’s performance in Sight, he’s not the only actor to play the subject of the film. Sight jumps between timelines in its exploration of Dr. Ming Wang’s life in a unique structure that makes it more than a straightforward biopic. The adult Dr. Wang is played by Terry Chen, who is known for past work on projects including The Expanse and Jessica Jones.

Sight’s structure allows both Chen and Ben Wang to be constant presences in the story of Dr. Wang, even as each actor serves a very different story. When Screen Rant interviewed the real Dr. Ming Wang, the surgeon reflected on the emotional nature of seeing his past life unfold once again in front of his eyes. This is the job that Ben Wang takes on in Sight, covering a large swath of Dr. Wang’s life in portraying the doctor’s childhood in China and his first steps toward his ultimate calling in the United States.

The story of the adult Dr. Wang unfolds differently. Chen’s portrayal of Wang largely centers around his attempt to help Kajal, a blind orphan from India. This side of the story, which also features Sight star Greg Kinnear as Dr. Misha Bartnovsky, is much more focused on a singular goal in Wang’s life. Through following the adult Wang, viewers will watch as the doctor goes from being a practicing surgeon to a life-changing innovator in his field.